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Italian General Stone S.r.l. a Chiampo is specialized in the production and supply of Botticino blocks, slabs and floors and in other national and international marbles such as granites and onyxes.It exports the Marbles to the Middle East, the United Arab Emirates, the United States, Germany, Austria, Russia, South America and the countries of the former Soviet Republic.An accurate policy of direct and indirect investments, supported by a valid internal commercial structure, participation in numerous trade fairs and the visits direct and targeted to customers, has allowed Italian General Stone S.r.l. di Chiampo to acquire a particular prestige in this sector.The great selection ability and the knowledge of the material extracted from the quarry, is the fundamental strength of the company which is thus able to satisfy customer requests, ensuring the quantity of material chosen for the execution of the project.Italian General Stone follows the processes on slabs and processed for different sectors, from constructionto the furnishings with courtesy and professionalism. It helps sculptors and artists in choosing the single block of marble for the creation of works of art. The passion for this work, the variety of products and the experience in developing relevant projects, the creation of renderings, development of filing boxes for cutting, execution of the cut with numerical control cutters and other specific machinery for production, make marble an extremely fascinating material. Italian General Stone S.r.l. since the acquisition of the order, takes care of the choice of material, also in the production of marble slabs in Chiampo, finding it directly in the quarry, and follows all stages of processing up to shipping to the customer. The marble slabs are made from a minimum thickness of 1 centimeter to a maximum of 30 centimeters, in the second case the slab is commonly defined as “solid”. The possibility of purchase slabs of the desired thickness, allows you to make of use them on multiple levels and for different uses. Particularly suitable for internal coverings, the slabs of marble offer a unique appearance to the exteriors where they are used. Slabs that can be reassembled in one place even using different marbles, if compatible with the condition of use, to create real design works. In addition, the slabs of various marbles can be lightened for particular projects with the use of Onicom resin panels behind the slabs themselves. Thanks to its high specialization in marble, Italian General Stone srl combines the construction of floors and walls with precious woods in order to have an excellent result both in terms of design than high quality.