The welcoming of the exhibition of artist Franco Mauro Franchi’s sculptures takes place at the Azienda Franchi Umberto Spa in Carrara. A whole day dedicated amazement and to the desire of learning about the works represented by the artist.

The daily scenario of a square of unique and precious natural material such as the blocks of Carrara White Marble immediately represent an excellent impact to highlight the beauty of the great works: ISLAND – GRANDE AURORA – and others, of dark color.
The artist’s presentation in the description of the creation of the sculptures is suggestive and impactful, where he highlights his passion and professionalism in the explanation of creation and identity of the works themselves.

The expression of the Works that you define as “sublime and excessive allegories of an atavistic abundance implicit in the germination of the earth. Nothing is matter in space” is particular and interesting .
The preciousness and naturalness of sharing an everyday space using materials in symbiosis make the surreal scenography of the place that hosts the Works involving the spectators in a LIGHT-SPACE contrast, a dualism necessary for the Sculptures to survive.

Carrara, 02.10.20