Claudia Fele took part to the webinar dedicated to the world of Female Entrepreneurship sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce of Massa Carrara and the ISR, the founder and CEO of Quarryon spoke about her experience as an entrepreneur in the marble sector.

As mentioned above, the digital event focused on the theme of Female Entrepreneurship, with a highlight on the consequences that the pandemic had on the business and on the lives of the professionals who intervened. In addition to the Founder of Quarryon, also Francesca Ferrari, President of the Lombardy region of Coldiretti and owner of the “Lucchetti Ferrari” farmhouse, Francesca Battella, of the Milani goldsmiths, took part to the event.

Clauda Fele started Quarryon in 2018, of Sardinian origins and already an expert in the stone sector, she switched to dealing with travertine to marble three years ago, when in Carrara she started her own business by introducing revolutionary elements in a very conservative sector.

“I wanted to include social tools to let the customer view the stone materials in a completely different guise. After the period in a company in the sector, I had this idea and I said to myself: Why not create a company where you can do virtual tests? ”

So Claudia Fele started her own business, where the customer is accompanied to follow the chain of tests on site and in a virtual way.

The Together is Better, project deserves a separate mention, created to enhance the manufacturing companies and accompany the customer to discover the stone material.
“Marble is a unique material that needs competence, green values ​​and team spirit to be managed”.


Watch Claudia Fele’s intervention: